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CATS ONLY: Are you able to bring your foster animal to adoption events at Petco in Carson City?

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I understand and acknowledge that Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation (WARF) cannot guarantee the behavior or health of any animal in the foster program and no statements made by WARF or its representatives should be taken as a promise or guarantee. I hereby accept possession of this animal at my own risk and release and waive any right or claim which I may have now or which may arise in the future against WARF for injuries to persons or damages to property caused by this animal. WARF reserves the right to conduct home visits prior to or following placement of an animal into the foster care program. WARF reserves the right to reclaim an animal and terminate this Agreement if unsuitable home conditions, evidence of neglect, or other mistreatment of the animal is found. I agree that: • no ownership rights have been granted to me by WARF for the animal(s) I foster, now or in the future; • the animal(s) I am (are) fostering remain the property of WARF; and • I will surrender said animal(s) to a WARF representative immediately upon request. I agree that I will immediately notify WARF if: • any problem occurs with the animal • the animal is ill or injured or needs veterinary care for any reason • the animal will be left under someone else’s care for any reason